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Record # Year Key Word
Record # Creating Agency Year
429 Divisional Secretariat - Nagoda 1995
430 Presidential Commission of Inquiry into report on Involuntary removal of persons 1995
431 Transport Environment and Women Affairs,Ministry of 1996
432 Presidential Commission of Inquiry on Grievences of employees of peoplised ventures
433 Presidential commission of inquiry into the assassination of Vijaya Kumaratunge 1996
434 Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the activities of the Janasaviya Trust Fund 1996
435 Salaries commission 1995
436 External Resources, Department of
437 Hindu Religious and Cultural Affairs,Department of 1994
438 Criminal Investigation Department 1994
439 Divisional Secretariat - Beruwale 1995
440 Samurdhi Commissioner General's Department 1995
441 Sri Lanka Cricket Control Board
442 Divisional Secretariat - Mulatiyana 1995
443 Divisional Secretariat - Malimboda 1995


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