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Record # Year Key Word
Record # Creating Agency Year
25.1 Christie Section of the Johnston Papers 1834
25.2 Ceylon Catholic writers movemenet 1947
25.3 L. E. Blaze Collection minutes of the Consistory 1777-1838
25.4 A.C. Bultjens Letters etc. 1736-1796
25.5 Stuart Mackenzie papers 1815-1843
25.6 E.B.F. Sueter, Ceylon Civil Service Papers 1795-1844
25.7 S.C. Fernando, Leonard Woolf Papers 1915-1944
25.8 Railway Tickets
25.9 Raven-Hart : Photostats of Dutch records from Kol. Archief, Hague 1765
25.10 W.S. Weerasooriya, Saman Press, Maharagama 1959-1967
25.11 C.H. Bartholomeus, books on Ceylon History
25.12 M.D. Gunasena 1966
25.13 K.B. Sugathadasa 1965
25.14 M.W. Roberts, L.C.P.A. records 1915-1947
25.15 Trade Union Records, Trincomalee 1952-1957


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Archives Holdings

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