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Records Acquisition Division

In terms of the Archives Law and Administrative regulations governing transfer of public records and responsibilities of Heads of Public Offices in relation to the National Archives Law No.48 of 1973 Section 9(2) (b)&(d) - Transfer such records, being records not less than twenty-five years old as are required by the Director to be transferred to the National Archives for permanent preservation.

Section 10 - Where any public office is due to be closed down or wound up, the responsible officer of such public office shall transmit to the Director a complete list of all public records in the National Archives such records as the Director may select or require for permanent preservation in the National Archives.

Section 11 - It shall be the duty of the Secretary of any Commission of Inquiry appointed under the Commissions of Inquiry Act or any Committee of Inquiry appointed by a Minister to deposit all records relating to such Commission or Committee, as the case may be, at the National Archives within three months of the rendering of the final report of such Commission or Committee.

Section 12 (1) - Any private individual or the chief executive officer of any institution in possession of any manuscript or document over fifty years old, being a manuscript or document of historical, cultural or literary value may notify the Director of the existence of such document or manuscript. Section 12(3) - Such individual or executive officer shall if agreed upon by the Director, deposited at the National Archives such manuscript or document either on a permanent or temporary basis, and may specify the conditions subject to which such manuscript or document shall be made available for public inspection or extracts or copies therefrom shall be taken for publication or for any other purpose.

Section 13 (a, b, c, d & e) - Sending of copies publications, specimens maps, plans or charts and a copy of any election literature issued by the candidate for any election.

National Archives (amendment) act 30 of 1981. Section 4 (a) - Transfers to the National Archives, records of Presidents of Sri Lanka at the expiration of the term of his office.

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