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Times Collection is one of the major Photographic Collections, which covers cinema, sports, arts, politics, economic affairs, cultural and religious affairs and many other fields. It is a rich source of information gathered by the Times of Ceylon Press.It mirrors the political social, economic and cultural backgrounds during the period 1946-1985. Although Times of Ceylon was established in 1846 the purchased documents are of the period 1946-1985, when it was close down in that last year as a government concern.This record group numbered 326 is named "Time Collection". It is now being digitized and by scanning, it would be preserved, and will give accessibility to researchers worldwide.

  • There are approximately 785,000 numbers of records which consist of mainly paper cuttings of local event and provide photos and details.
  • Images on various subjects
    Images belong to various subjects such as significant political events, religious places, sports, cinema, and cultural events etc. A description relevant to the scene is mentioned on the reverse of the image.
  • Paper cuttings of local and foreign biographies
    The eminent personnel who had rendered a great service in various fields are seen in this collection. Sometimes the details such as date of birth, place of birth, and schools attended, higher education, field of service, etc. are also provided.
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