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Technical Division

  • Laboratory
  • Restoration section
  • Book binding section
  • Finishing section
  • Training section for book binders
  • Foreign projects sections

Functions of the Technical Division

  • Conservation and restoration of documents / material deposited with the Department
    • Books / documents / newspapers / Ola leaf documents / maps / slides / sculpture / black and white pictures / paintings / statues / audio - visual material
  • Preparation of conservation pulp
  • Scientific analysis of items such as paper used for conservation of documents / varieties of insecticides / and adhesives
  • Fumigation of documents subjected to insect and fungus attacks.
  • Examine and issuing reports on the quality of paper.
  • Examine and report on the environmental conditions in the repositories of the Department. Provide technical advice necessary to solve problems if any.
  • Survey and conserve ola leaf documents and hand written documents available in places of religious worship in all parts on the island.
  • Holding examinations including preparation of question papers for recruitment of book binders and relevant efficiency bar examinations for other departments.
  • Advice government institutions / departments / corporations / boards / universities and other private institutions on conservation of documents.
  • Provide technical advice necessary for establishment and maintenance of record rooms / school archives.

Technical Division


Functions of the laboratory

  • Measuring of pH value
  • Removal of stains in documents
  • De - acidification of documents
  • Conducting research on paper


  • Book binding
    Book binders of government institutions are trained. Duration of each course is 30 days and 5 courses are conducted every year. About 30 trainee book binders participate in each course and the training is conducted by one document restoration officer.
  • Document restoration
    Provide basic training on document restoration before the establishing a document conservation unit in an institution
  • Conservation of ola leaf documents.
    The course is conducted for the SAMANERAS of Buddhist temples and Ayurvedic doctors. The officers of the department visit the requited places and conduct the classes.



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